The perfect partnership: How to choose your beauty manufacturer

Creating and launching your own beauty products can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time. One of the most important decisions you can make is to choose the right manufacturer to partner with, to help make dreams become a reality for your brand.

Getting it right is crucial for achieving success. Whether you're starting out or looking to grow your beauty business, finding the perfect partner to bring your vision to life requires careful consideration.

But where do you start? You can find manufacturers online, at trade shows, through industry directories, or via word-of-mouth recommendations. In this blog, we offer some suggestions for questions you need to consider now, to ensure you’re making a suitable long-term choice.

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Top 12 considerations

  • What products will you be launching with?

Before approaching manufacturers, take some time to pinpoint exactly what type of beauty products you want to create. Will you focus on skincare, haircare, wellness or something else? Added to this, do you know what type of ingredients you want to include and whether you’re looking for all-natural and vegan, for example? This will help you focus on who your target market is too.

  • What areas of expertise do you require?

Seek manufacturers with knowledge in your specific product category. An experienced skincare manufacturer or haircare manufacturer is more likely to understand the nuances of what’s unique to your niche - whether it’s recommendations for packaging, ingredients or more. Ask for information about their experience working with similar products and if they have any testimonials or prior results to show you.

  • Does the manufacturer match your brand’s ethics?

You know what values your brand stands for and how you want to highlight these to your target audience. Your values should align with those of your chosen manufacturer. Look for organisations that prioritise natural or organic ingredients if these align with your brand values and customer preferences. Ask about their dedication to sustainable practices too.

  • How do you want to work with your manufacturer?

Are you looking for private label or contract manufacturing services? Private label means opting for pre-existing formulations that can be branded as you wish. It’s a great option for keeping lead times short and costs low. On the other hand, contract manufacturing allows you to work together to create bespoke formulations that are unique to your business.

  • How flexible are they at meeting changing needs?

Consider the manufacturer's capacity and whether they will be able to scale up production to meet your growth projections. Also, you might want to choose a manufacturer that offers customisation options to tailor scents, colours, and packaging. Plus, do they focus on new product development to enable you to access modern technologies and meet the latest trends?

  • What is their minimum order quantity?

It’s really important to find out the manufacturer's minimum order quantity (otherwise known as their MOQ) to make sure you qualify for their requirements and that they can match your own too. This will determine whether you can work together within your allocated budget.

  • Do they comply with all relevant regulations and standards?

Product quality and safety are of utmost importance. Prioritise beauty manufacturers with stringent quality control measures to guarantee the integrity of your products. A good manufacturer should be transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing processes, giving you confidence in the quality of their products.

  • Where is the manufacturer located?

Think about where the production facility is based and how that will affect logistics, shipping costs, and lead times. Choosing a manufacturer located close to your target market can help reduce costs and delivery times. If possible, visit the manufacturer's facility to see their production processes firsthand and meet the team.

  • Do they provide samples?

See if the manufacturer will provide samples of their private label products so you can try out and assess their formulations. This can be particularly useful when it comes to new product launches too.

  • What are their pricing and terms like?

Opt for a manufacturer who offers competitive pricing without compromising quality. Find out the comprehensive costs of the products - including ingredients, packaging, labour, and any additional fees - making sure it matches your outlined budget.

  • What is their reputation like?

Look for reviews and testimonials from other brands that have worked with the manufacturer. See if there’s evidence of past successful collaborations or testimonials from brands similar to yours. This indicates the manufacturer's ability to deliver on your vision.

  • Lastly, does it feel like you can communicate easily?

You are ultimately choosing a partner for a long-term relationship. You need to find a manufacturer that communicates openly and transparently and is responsive to your needs and feedback. In initial discussions, ask about who would be your regular point of contact throughout production.

Making your choice

The decision to choose a manufacturer for your beauty brand is not one to be taken lightly. By following these steps, you can choose a partner who shares your standards for quality, innovation, and growth. Ultimately, your brand is your livelihood so it’s essential you trust the team you are working with.

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