What the customer wanted:

The brand approached Hera in 2022 with an exciting opportunity to manufacture their solid balm deodorants after their previous manufacturer went into administration.

The brand offers a subscription service & want to have a positive impact on reducing the amount of plastic in bathrooms.

How we addressed their needs:

How it was a success:

After a successful media covering and marketing campaigns our customer the brand continues to grow rapidly.

We were able to respond quickly by being flexible with their order quantities & lead time to meet the increased order demand. Due to the exciting increase in order volume we produced a specially adapted hot fill production line with a cooling tunnel in a matter of weeks.

This started with 5000 balms filled per week and we now achieve 5000 finished filled balms per day.

We are proud that we can be part of a brands journey who share our values for sustainable personal care, providing a waterless and plastic free solution for consumers.