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One of Hera Beauty’s greatest strengths is its expert team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences that collectively form the heartbeat of our organisation. Come behind the scenes, get to know us, and discover the people pioneering our progress.


Christopher Puchalka, Technical Manager

Can you explain more about what your role covers?

I'm the Technical Manager for Hera Beauty. This means that I am responsible for the technical and regulatory side of the beauty manufacturing business and quality assurance as well. I basically make sure that our customers’ products meet - and exceed - the required standards. I work with our brands to ensure they receive the best service possible and that we’re helping them develop, innovate, and grow.

Does this mean that you work directly with customers?

Yes, absolutely. Sales, production and quality form a necessary triangle, where you are checking that the products are of the highest quality, and then feeding back to sales or production if anything needs amending or developing.

What was your route into this position?

I've been in the cosmetics industry since 2012. I started as a Technical Assistant. Then I rose to Technical and Regulatory Supervisor, where I was looking after association certification. Hera Beauty took me on as an Ingredient Sourcing and Technical Regulatory Manager, then my role evolved to encompass quality and development as well. It’s been a great way to develop my skills and share my expertise.

What makes you well-suited to your role?

Probably my calmness. Every day offers new challenges and developments, and I’m good at taking a step back and assessing the situation, before moving forward with a plan to make the most of every opportunity.

What would a typical day look like for you?

I would say there is no typical day because it varies hugely! I start by assigning my personal tasks. And then it's about assessing what comes up throughout the day, because production is a dynamic, moving part of Hera Beauty. There’s always an element of the unexpected that I work flexibly towards. I’m never bored, because there’s always something new to learn and discover.

What do you feel are the strengths of Hera Beauty?

Definitely the internal collaboration. Everyone's got a different view and knowledge base, so we all work together to achieve the best possible result. The organisation is incredibly agile,  and we can be flexible to meet customers’ needs. Everyone works together to deliver orders to the highest possible standard.

What does the future hold for the UK’s beauty industry?

The industry is ever-changing and it’s always moving forward. For me, it’s exciting looking at the evolving requirements for green credentials (for example, moving away from petrochemical ingredients and utilising natural materials). Safety standards of cosmetic products are continuing to improve, centred around a scientific basis, because our knowledge of ingredients is increasing all the time. For Hera Beauty, I love that there are always new activities and product ranges to be working on.

Do you enjoy working directly with customers?

I really do, and it’s actually something I do more of in this role than previously. Having face-to-face conversations with customers is a great way to get more out of the relationship and discover particular nuances. Quite often my question is: what does a customer actually want? It’s all about getting under the skin of their requirements and finding out what they want to achieve, because then we can work together with them to suggest alternatives or use our expertise to provide better ways of doing things.

How else can you support customers?

The technical side of my role is about responding to customer queries directly. For example, they may want to enter new markets, such as the USA or China. And then I can help support that either through a third party or with the knowledge I have.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I have two young children, so they keep me active in my second job as a dad! I enjoy DIY. I've got one hobby that is on hold temporarily because of the children: Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s gained popularity since the early 90s. I describe it as a grappling art - like chess, but with human body parts!

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